Building Rental Information

  • The building will be available during the agreed upon times on the day of the event.

  • Renters are responsible for any items that are broken or damaged and will be required to repair or replace. Damage expenses will be withheld from deposit

  • All safety and health regulations will be observed and enforced.

  • Alcohol is allowed on the premises. Renter is responsible. It is understood that no alcohol will be served to minors.

  • Uniformed police officers are required when any alcohol is being served. Money will be deducted from deposit if police officers are not hired. Arrangement for security is the responsibility of the renter.

  • The Courtyard staff must first approve items brought into the building. (example: fresh rose petals are not allowed – crayons, markers, etc. are not allowed.)

  • Birdseed, rice and bubbles need to be thrown outside the building.  Please do not provide confetti or glitter to throw or to be placed on tables.

  • Candles must be dripless or in a container that prevents them from dripping on the floor, tables or any of the fixtures in the building. Replacement cost of damaged tablecloths will be deducted from deposit.

  • The Courtyard is a smoke and Vape free facility. Guests may smoke or vape outside the building, ashtrays and benches are available.

  • Decorations must be removed the night of the function, unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

  • For individuals protection, NO running or horseplay will be allowed in The Courtyard. 

Rental Fees

(Includes tables and chairs)

A two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) deposit is required to secure a date.  The deposit can be refunded if the event is canceled at least six (6) months prior to the date of the event. The deposit will be available for pick up at the Cafe or returned through Venmo the Friday after the event if all the requirements were kept.  Deposit will be forfeited if not picked up within one month from the event date. The rental fee is due in full six (6) months prior to the date of the function.  Rental fee is non-refundable at that point.


Building Fee -  Downstairs

Hourly rental is $200.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum rental

3 hr - $600.00          4 hr - $800.00          5 hr - $950.00           6 hr - $1100.00

7 - 8 hr -  $1,500.00       9  -  10hr  -  $1,800.00   


Add Upstairs seating for an additional   $500.00

Bride’s room       $100.00         Groom’s room        $ 50.00   


****$250.00 fee will be charged for each hour after allotted time****


Building Rentals are subject to availability. Times of rental and set up times are subject to availability and must be arranged with Courtyard Staff. The Courtyard reserves the right to book other functions before or after your event and in other rooms of the building during any time. 


The Courtyard staff sets up tables and chairs.  Specific table arrangements must be selected at least one (1) week prior to the event.  If changes have to be made by Courtyard staff after set up arrangements have been finalized, $50.00 will be deducted from your deposit.


Kitchen fee  -  $150.00  (automatically added if the Courtyard does not cater)

Includes access to sink, stoves & microwaves.  No utensils, pots or pans are included.  Outside caterers need to bring all their own supplies.


MISC. RENTALS:  These items are rented for use at the Courtyard only, items are not to be removed from the premises.


Removing Plastic Covers $ 50                    Skirting a Table $ 12.00 each

Chafing trays   -  fuel provided $12.00 each


The Courtyard would also be glad to assist you with any of your catering needs.  Ask about details for rehearsal dinners, banquets, showers or any other party event.

***Credit card payments of $300.00 or more will have a 2% fee added*** 

*Please call or email for additional information or to check availibility*